As if Ford were in an all-out war with Jeep, the auto giant is meticulously following a strategy designed for victory. Having countered the Jeep competition on the SUV market, Ford looks to the future to further the intensity of their stronghold. Targeting the Gladiator, the Ford Bronco Pickup near Clarksville IN is rumored to be the next weapon released to the public.


Jeep continued its streak of success with the iconic Wrangler and invested in the Gladiator. Riding on the round headlight and infamous front grille coattails, the Gladiator distinguished itself as a standalone and something different pickup truck mutation. After making Jeep and their Wrangler start to sweat with the resurrection of the Bronco, a quick second jab was deployed with hints of the Ford Bronco Pickup near Clarksville IN. Just like the Wrangler, the Bronco offers the same freedom and history. Many failed to compete with the Wrangler because they lacked the ability to run topless. The Bronco capitalized on the shortcomings and suddenly the Wrangler could feel the breath of the new kid in town on the back of its neck. Now with the concept of the Bronco pickup, Ford is doubling down. Suddenly the Gladiator is not the only game in town. Although Ford is remaining tight lipped now, concept videos show more than a sketch of a Bronco with a surfboard in the back, but the appearance of a truck with that surfboard carried in the bed. Someone give the Gladiator a Kleenex.

Ford Bronco Pickup near Clarksville IN: Built Like a Truck

With the ruggedness and performance of a beast, the Bronco rests upon a suspension that is already designed to carry a truck. A wide stance is set at 61.4 inches. That is wider than the footprint of the Ford Ranger, further proving it is truck receptive. The 35-inch tires on the Wildtrak model are 315mm wide. Bigger is better. A gutsy shock system reveals aluminum control arms while the stabilizer bar positioning and link routing indicate a unique knuckle and lower control arm. All these performance components are more than capable to transport the Bronco pickup from dream to reality.

Truck Descendants

The Ford Bronco Pickup near Clarksville IN has a great deal in its corner prepared to make the pickup a successful automobile. It is a descendant of one of the largest and most successful truck families in the world. Ford continually pleases truck owners with improvements every year that make it better than the year prior. With a history like that, the Bronco pickup's future is bright. This stacks up much more favorable than auto manufacturers who for years concentrated on the mid-size market. The day finally came when they realized that the competition like Ford had edged in on their game. Retaliation was due. Jeep introduced the gladiator. Although it is birthed from the Wrangler who commands respect form all, one must wonder just how much more superior it possibly could be compared to the Bronco pickup.

Proof in the Power

With all the design features of the Ford Bronco, it can be deduced that the introduction of a pickup was inevitable. A beefed up and aggressive suspension must be matched with power, and Ford understands that. The Bronco comes standard with a 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine. Producing 270 horsepower, it is paired with a 7-speed manual tradition. It appears Ford was focused on going back to their roots with that transmission concept. For those wishing for the legendary body style but reveling in the modern age of convenience, a 10-speed automatic transmission is available. Others still not satisfied can find 310 horsepower with the 2.7-liter option that includes that 10-speed automatic transmission. Regardless the selection, the Bronco easily presents the capability to emerge into the Bronco pickup. With performance and power standards alone, the Bronco pickup is ready. Zeroing in on competition like the Gladiator, it awaits the greenlight to gallop into action serving as a truck but with the open air feel as well. To find out when rumor will become a reality, contact Jim O'Neal Ford at 516 S Indiana Ave Sellersburg IN 47172.


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