2018 Auto Trends: Best Times to Buy a Car

When buying a new car, truck or any other vehicle, timing is an essential factor to consider that can help save you money on the models you most desire. Below we’ve shared some exclusive insider knowledge, which covers best times to buy a car so that you can save big.

The End of the Year

December is the best month in which to buy a new vehicle. This is due to the fact that car sales agents have to meet end-of-year quotas, and often you can find great deals and steals on the lot. You may still have to bargain a bit but not too much since sales agents want the sale and dealerships want less inventory to carry over into the new year. In addition to this, increased discounts during December can help you save money on a new vehicle.

The End of the Month

If it’s early in the year and you are eager or have increased urgency and can’t wait until December to purchase a new vehicle, hold off on the transaction until the end of the month or the very last day if possible. Just like end-of-year quotas, sales people on the lot also have end-of-month quotas, and this can be a great opportunity to save money.

Special Holidays

Oftentimes car lot sales and discount deals occur on holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July; the list continues. People may think that sales like these are just another scam or an advertising technique. However, these “gimmicks” actually offer legitimate savings if you decide to purchase a vehicle. Quality dealerships provide good financing options and cash-back deals during the holidays. Potential car buyers can find great holiday deals on new and used cars online, and it’s easier to shop around this way.


Contrary to popular belief, Mondays can be great, especially when it comes to buying a new car. Most people who make a vehicle purchase on Monday rather than any other day of the week, especially weekends, tend to spend less.

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