Autumn Driving Safety Tips

If you live in a state that experiences all four seasons, then you know that driving presents a slew of different dangers in each season, and hence there are many caveats to consider. The main priorities on the road are the safety and wellbeing of the passengers and driver as well as the preservation and safety of the vehicle. Autumn, like any other season, brings its own handful of hazards, which drivers on the road must prepare to avoid.

For instance, a big Fall driving danger is wet leaves covering the road, making the pavement slicker than usual. Driving, too quickly, over wet leaves can cause your car to spin out of control, especially if you haven’t checked the tread on your tires in a while. It’s a good idea to check tire tread, fluids and other maintenance on a regular basis to prevent seasonal mishaps on the road. A second frequent Fall driving danger is the mixture of fog and sun glare through the front windshield, which can affect your vision and visibility on the road. Educating yourself on Autumn driving safety tips can help you and your family avoid an accident, or worse, during this beautiful season.

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Autumn Driving Safety Tips

Autumn is the season for jumping in piles of leaves with your friends and for carving pumpkins with family. With these joyous events to look forward to and more, it’s essential to be careful on the roads to ensure you and your loved ones always arrive at your destination, safely. With safety in mind, we’ve listed a few simple autumn driving safety tips to help guide you along your journey.

Don’t Brake On Wet Leaves

Since Autumn, known as “Fall” or the season of change, is when leaves fall from the trees, the probability of finding wet leaves on the road is high. These wet leaves can be as slippery as ice. When driving, drive slowly through wet leaves, and whatever you do, do not brake hard while driving over them! Moreover, these leaves may cover the road markers and lane lines, so be careful when driving.

Be Mindful Of The Dark

During Autumn it gets dark earlier. Because of this, drivers must be mindful of the time of day in order to avoid driving in the dark, especially drivers with poor night vision. According to the National Safety Council, almost 50 percent of car accidents happen at night.

Be Careful On Bridges

Slippery or even icy patches can sometimes be found on bridges during autumn due to colder weather, approaching. Take caution by driving slower in these areas, and keep a keen eye on the road. Danger zones of this nature also frequently occur on overpasses and in shaded spots.

Check Your Tires

It’s a good idea to check tire tread, fluids and other maintenance on a regular basis to prevent seasonal mishaps on the road. Slick pavement is no joke, and both Autumn and Winter pose this threat. The weather will slowly cool down as we approach winter, and tires commonly lose pressure and may cause your vehicle to perform, poorly. Be mindful of this to avoid problems while driving this season.

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