October is Fall Car Care Month!

We sometimes lose interest in taking care of our car a few months after purchasing it. We forget the value of regularly maintaining our vehicles and only get it checked out when we see visible damages. This shouldn’t be the case since we ought to take care of the biggest thing that’s responsible for our safety when it comes to traveling!

We celebrate Fall Car Care Month for us to remember that our cars still need a little bit of attention after all of the adventures we went through together. The celebration falls in October since this is when winter is about to break through our windshields. We have to prepare our vehicles for winter while the environment is still warm enough for us to ensure our safety during the harsh cold season. There are two ways for you to approach car maintenance: either you do it yourself, or you ask a service technician to do it for you.

Here are some of the car maintenance approaches you could take for your car to prepare it for the winter:

        Tires: The first thing anyone should do is check tire pressure and wear. If you can see uneven wear, it usually means that there’s a need for a wheel realignment. There might be stones stuck in between the crevices, and you have to clean those out or else it might cause a problem.

        Battery: You have to check your battery for any complications or damage. Check the connections to see if they are properly connected. You might need to replace the battery if it has been used for several years already. This way, you can prevent a future breakdown during a whiteout.

        Wipers: Wipers are your only weapon for defense against the obstruction of snow on your windshield, so you must check and see if they’re still at top shape or not. It will be a nightmare if your wipers are broken during snowy or rainy evenings, making you unable to see the road.

        Engine: You must check the engine to see if it’s still giving the best output and determine if there are damages or slip-ups within the engine. Go to your local car maintenance shop and let them investigate if the engine is still at its best shape, or if it needs fine tuning to get back to its former glory.

        HVAC: The HVAC system, or the heat, ventilating, and air conditioning system, is an important system to have in your car. And having it maintained poorly would mean serious backlashes on your end. It will save you during the cold season or cool you off during high temperatures in the summer. It’s an important system to have for your comfort, so you must check it out.

        Brakes: You might find yourself almost clashing with another vehicle due to low visibility during some seasons. The brake system is the biggest help when it comes to safety. Since it’s responsible for our safety, you must check the brake linings, drums, and rotors.

(For more info regarding car maintenance, click here.)

Fall Car Care Month is upon us, and we have to do our best in maintaining our car. If you feel like it’s a huge responsibility to have and you’re afraid that you might screw it up, there are service companies that can do it for you. You can set an appointment and let them do the work confidently. Have a fun and safe Fall Car Care Month!

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