2018 Ford Focus and the Ford C Max

The Rivalry between Ford Focus and the Ford C-Max

As much as cars have become a necessity rather than a personal want, (especially in Sellersburg, Indiana) it cannot be challenged, some desire their cars to be as dashing as possible. And while there are select car models that have always been compared, the rivalry between Ford Focus and  Ford C-Max is one you can’t fail to notice.

The 2018 Ford Focus

Let’s turn to Best Rated Compact Sedan’s in its class, the Ford Focus. The Ford Direct-Injection Technology coordinates with the cylinder to pump out the most powerful horsepower capacities in the sedan lineup. Our customers are shocked and often don’t believe us when we share it’s 40 MPG highway efficiency. The ability to select between  standard manual transmission or automatic highlights the adaptability of the Ford Focus and it’s engine performance.

As a Ford Focused driver you can share the love of amenities, practicality, and performance with Retail starting at $15,691.  

Ford C-Max

The Ford C-Max stands tall ranked #5 in Wagons by US News. With More than 188 horsepower and a 2.0-liter electric motor engine combines pedal satisfaction and convenience. Rest assured, speed and convenience is tailored with amenities, spacious seating, and brilliant interior design. The Ford C Max has room for 5 adults inside the cabin with additional cargo space.

The Ford C-Max drivers are also thrilled to find the Retail price beginning at $24,120 before rebates and incentives

No matter what kind of car are you planning to buy, you have to make sure that it suits your budget very well. These options should not be taken lightly since yes, they are popular but at the same time, useful.

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