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In this day and age where advancements in technology are popping up left and right, it comes as no surprise that self driving or autonomous cars are the latest trend in the automotive industry. We can expect autonomous cars to hit the roads sooner than later. Gone are the days where we only dream of driverless cars because, thanks to ambitious tech teams, this vision has been achieved. Cars of the future will revamp and revolutionize the automotive industry in countless ways!

What Are Self-Driving Cars?

A self driving car – also known as an autonomous car or driverless vehicle, is a vehicle that uses a combination of radars, cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to travel between destinations without the manual help and instruction of a human driver. In order for a car to qualify as ‘autonomous’, it must be able to navigate the roads without human interaction to a predetermined destination without previous knowledge of what route to take.

Companies that manufacture and test self-driving cars include Volvo, Volkswagen, Tesla, General Motors, Google, Ford, BMW, and Audi. More notably, Ford has been making really advanced technology in the field of self driving cars. Autonomous cars are showcased in car shows and conferences, yearly, so we can expect they will soon become available on the market.

The automation of the automotive industry will revolutionize many aspects related the the way we view driving. With the emergence of this trend, drivers now have the option to sit back and relax on road trips, and even on the way in to work. As research builds on this subject, soon enough drivers will be able to perform other activities in their cars that are deemed impossible and unsafe right now. Advancements of this caliber bring great benefits, for instance, while waiting in traffic when time is wasted on the road. Drivers can do simple tasks like checking their email and reading important articles, while safely allowing their cars to drive for them.

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Further Tests and Advancements

Although autonomous cars have become more prevalent on the market, there is still room for improvement. Developing new IoT, sensor-based technologies and computer systems will allow vehicles to push the limits of autonomous driving, specializing in complicated and highly specific tasks. Other innovations related to autonomous driving are Human Machine Dialogue, Sensor Technology, and Cluster Intelligence. Sooner or later, self-driving cars will be the norm on the interstate, so sit back and buckle up for the future!

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