Drones Disrupt the Automotive Industry

For the last several years, the automotive industry has had its focus directed solely on developing vehicles with new technology integrated into them. We’ve witnessed firsthand this development

from cassette players to cars these days that come equipped with Wi-Fi, AI, and more. It has, so far, been a smooth and satisfying evolution for the automotive industry. Gradual change is what allows for this seamless integration of technology and autonomy into the auto world.

However, recent studies at Ford’s Research and Advanced Engineering Division reveal the company has taken a particular interest in drones and their uses in relation to vehicles. Ford purportedly plans to use drones as a backup for the sensors located in their vehicles.

“As drone adoption accelerates, we think many of our customers will want to use these devices as part of their lifestyle, whether to pursue hobbies or even as a tool for their business,” wrote Adi Singh, a scientist in Ford’s Research and Advanced Engineering Division.

Ford is embracing a wider market as the company plans to incorporate drones into its multi-million dollar business. Research is being conducted at Ford to explore the possibility of providing Ford Drones for their customers in the future. With drones as a current topic of interest, some may fear Ford won’t forge forward on modifications for new models, but rather may start allocating more and more resources to drones and AI efforts.

One thing’s for sure – there has never been a shortage of new products released by Ford. Perhaps the company intends to focus on the advancement of the technologies incorporated into their products, but if all auto manufacturers shifted solely to drone development, there would be lasting effects on the future of the automotive industry. For instance, purchasing a Ford vehicle would be harder and more costly due to the slowdown of production and low inventory.

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