2018 Auto Trends

Last year was a pretty flat year for automotive sales. When this happens, the instinct of most car manufacturers and car sellers is to push down vehicle after vehicle to the market to compensate for the loss. However, this trend is predicted to continue through 2018, ever since the 1.1 percent drop in sales last October 2017. Though the path toward high sales in 2018 is extremely elusive, there are a few noticeable trends to pay attention to, aside from this.

Current Automotive Trends

1. Customer Centricity is Rising

The age of the consumer is finally here. Companies like Google, Tesla, and Amazon are consistently setting yearly records, outranking their competitors in customer service. Consumers these days favor quality service that makes them feel comfortable.

For example, Tesla offers a service that allows you to purchase a car without having to travel to a dealership. According to statistics, 87 percent of Americans dislike having to go through a dealership because they feel like they are being taken advantage of on the lot. This is another trend wherein companies try to make consumers more comfortable, even offering them a “no dealership” service.

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2. Ride Sharing Applications

We have seen various smartphone applications like Uber and Lyft instantly capture the hearts of commuters everywhere, and why not? Ride sharing services offer a new benefit to customers, allowing them to share a ride with other customers. This trend allows customers to minimize their costs, and moreover, it reduces traffic on the roads and the carbon emissions from cars.

The times of riding in a taxi to work are nearly over since ride sharing apps are preferred by commuters due to their easy and quick service. We all know the hassle of hailing a taxi – especially when you are running late for work. With Uber or Lyft, you just open the app on your phone, book a ride, and wait for it to come to you.

3. Electric and Autonomous Cars are Booming

Technology today allows us to manufacture and produce electric and autonomous or self-driving cars. Dealers need to prepare for this because it is expected that there will be rapid growth of electric cars in less than a year. Car companies are beginning to invest in this market, innovating new ways to manufacture their own versions of the electric car.

The same as electric cars, autonomous cars are also on the rise and are expected to be available on the market in 2020.

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