3 Words to Describe the 2016 Ford F-250 Near Clarksville, IN

Don't worry, this page is safe for work, but since the letter "F" features so prominently in the Ford F-250 name, it seemed like a good idea to add a few more in praise of this truck's virtues. Perhaps this page can inspire you to add a bit of gamification to your truck shopping.

Here is Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it

Using the following three examples as a starter, see how many F-words you can think of when you go to view and drive the 2016 Ford F-250 at Ford dealerships near Clarksville, IN-and please, keep it clean.

1. Fast: Yes, the Ford F-250 is a large and heavy pickup truck, but it's not half bad in a sprint. If you test drive any examples of the 2016 Ford F-250 from Ford dealerships near Clarksville, IN, you probably won't get a chance to test how fast this truck gets from zero to 60 mph. However, you can take the word of the Edmunds review team, who disclosed in a recent F-250 expert review, that 60 mph can be achieved in 8.6 seconds from a standing start, with the standard V8 gasoline engine.

2.Flexible: What can't you do with a 2016 F-250? That might be an easier question to answer than "what can you do?" On the other hand, it makes for a less interesting answer. To stick with what you can do, here are a few suggestions:

·         Carry a whole lot of cargo along with at least five passengers in a roomier-than-average crew cab

·         Haul awkward shaped loads that wouldn't fit in a van because of height constraints

·         Tow the biggest trailer you're ever likely to need (up to 16,600 pounds with a fifth wheel attachment)

·         Power external machinery via a power takeoff (diesel engines only)

·         Combine the fun of both highway and off-road driving

The last activity on the above list can be achieved with even more confidence if you opt for an F-250 with four-wheel-drive, which will serve you well over the roughest terrain, as well as on ice and snow-covered blacktop.

3. Fun: Even if your idea of fun isn't tearing it up on the off-road trails, the 2016 Ford F-250 makes easy work of hauling your family, together with bicycles, camping, fishing, or boating gear-and even the boat. That makes those weekend adventure trips so much easier to enjoy than when battling with the space constraints of a car or even an SUV.

Now it's Your Turn

In his AskMen article titled Top 10: Reasons To Buy A Pickup Truck, writer Justin Kaehler provided a very apt description of pickup trucks in general. Justin says a pickup truck is both the ultimate toolbox and the ultimate tool. That statement certainly sums up the Ford F-series of pickups, including the ubiquitous F-250 heavy duty truck. Unfortunately, neither "toolbox" nor "tool" begins with a letter "F", but it still seemed like a good sentiment to share.

Perhaps if you come to evaluate the new 2016 Ford F-250 at Ford dealerships near Clarksville, IN, you can come up with a suitable F-word to describe the superlative utility of this truck for everyday work and weekend play. Why not start your quest here at Jim O'Neal Ford of Sellersburg? We'll be delighted to show you around our inventory of new F-250 trucks.

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