The 2016 Ford Focus: You’ll Love Commuting and Shopping Around New Albany, IN

Automotive journalists have often made much of the Ford Focus fun factor. That theme looks set to continue with the arrival of the 2016 Ford Focus in Ford dealerships near New Albany, IN and elsewhere across the United States. In a car that's so much fun to drive, you can't help but start to look forward to some of those driving scenarios which, in a lesser car, are little more than a chore to endure.

To illustrate the point, here are a few reasons why the normally mundane experiences of commuting and running errands will be transformed for the better if you choose the 2016 Ford Focus as your next new compact car.

Commuting to the Office

What's your ritual for overcoming the monotony of driving the same route every day for five or six days a week? Everybody has one of those, right?

Perhaps you like to listen to a daily radio show, a news program, an audio-book or some form of audible learning material, such as a language course. If so, you'll be pleased to note that the 2016 Ford Focus is equipped with the manufacturer's new Sync 3 infotainment system, making it a breeze to choose your audible escape from the humdrum drive to the office.

According to a reviewer at Edmunds, Sync 3, with its smartphone-inspired touchscreen controls, improves greatly on the experience of the MyFord Touch interface that it replaces. With plenty of information and entertainment at your fingertips, there's no reason not to look forward to the morning commute in your new Ford Focus.

The Shopping Trip

If you're in southern Indiana and you love to shop, your best outing in the months ahead is sure to be the one that has you shopping for a 2016 Ford Focus in Ford dealerships near New Albany, IN. There's nothing quite like the rush of buying a new car, after all.

From that point onwards, driving to the shops will become far less onerous, especially if you choose the roomy hatchback version of the Focus. With a load space that can only be described as cavernous for a compact car, you're unlikely to struggle to get the family groceries safely stowed. Before that however, you can even enjoy your arrival at the mall, because in the 2016 Focus, parallel and perpendicular parking are experiences free from stress and strain.

Autotrader writer Doug DeMuro alludes to this fact in his comparison of the Focus with the Kia Forte in an article called 2016 Ford Focus vs. 2016 Kia Forte: Which Is Better? In that article, Doug notes numerous points which highlight the outstanding value of the Focus, praising in particular the fact that it comes with a backup camera as standard and the option of a self-parking system-ideal if parallel parking is your idea of a waking nightmare.


Time to Find Your Focus in Sellersburg, IN

Whether you're a committed commuter, a serial shopper, or you just like driving for fun, you'll be delighted with the technology, performance and value packed into the 2016 Ford Focus. Here at Jim O'Neal Ford, we've a great lineup of 2016 models. If you're located in northern Kentucky or southern Indiana, come on over and find your Focus today. 

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