The 2016 Ford Edge Near Louisville, KY: Sharper, Surer and Better than Ever

Prospective car-buyers looking for an SUV crossover in Northern Kentucky have every excuse to look out for the 2016 Ford Edge at Ford dealerships near Louisville, KY. As more examples of this sharp and lively utility vehicle(which drives more like a tall sedan) hit the showrooms and forecourts, dealers are optimistic that they won't spend excessive time on the lot. In fact the challenge is more likely to be in replenishing inventory fast enough to avoid missing sales.

No Corners Cut in Sharpening this Edge

The 2016 Edge has captured the attention and interest of drivers who know their SUV facts, helping it to win the Reader's Choice Utility Vehicle of the Year Award from Reviewing-journalists have also not been shy about praising the new Edge. Bengt Halvorson for example, who recently reviewed the 2016 Ford Edge for The Car Connection, describes road-handling as precise and reassuring, both on the straight and into corners.

The latest Ford Edge looks sharper than its predecessor. It also drives sharper, with more precise handling, largely attributable to a new Adaptive Steering system. Adaptive Steering is an industry first, developed by Ford and making its debut in the already hi-tech Edge SUV.

Cutting Edge Technology

In addition to adaptive steering, the new Edge lineup comes with enough technology to please the most gadget-hungry drivers. While some of the better gizmos, like Ford's new Sync 3 infotainment system, automated parking, and adaptive cruise control only come as standard at the higher end of the lineup, most are available in the lower trim levels as optional equipment. Some of the equipment items, as identified by Eric Tallberg, a writer for CarGurus, in his 2016 Ford Edge Overview, are even available as standalone options, meaning you can have them without paying the higher costs of a full equipment upgrade package.

An Everyman Appeal

Given the good handling and refined but fun nature of the 2016 Edge, it's sure to appeal to a broad cross-section of SUV fans, whether they want a spacious vehicle for family transportation or the all-terrain sure-footedness of a four-wheel-drive-equipped sedan-alternative.

If you're looking for a crossover in the Kentucky/Indiana border region, test-driving some examples of the 2016 Ford Edge from Ford dealerships near Louisville, KY is to be highly recommended. After doing so, there's a good chance you'll be sold unless you really need the seating capacity of a larger SUV such as the Expedition. Even the ever-so-impartial reviewers at Edmunds pointedly declare that when it comes to all-round appeal, few other SUV crossovers come close to matching the 2016 Edge.



Learn More About the 2016 Ford Edge

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